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At Cocoa Accounting we are dedicated to making gift cards easy to use, flexible,
and profitable for all businesses

our values


We are a family owned business who hasn't forgotten we are working with real people.


Since its inception, our parent company, Rowley’s Red Barn has been looking for new and innovative ways to give our customers a delicious, local outlet to get fresh fruit and fruit products. We are dedicated to this same innovation at Cocoa Accounting in order to bring novel software solutions to our customers.


We strive to earn the trust of our customers through ethical and responsible conduct.


Our parent company, Rowley’s Red Barn, is a small family owned farm where hard work is necessary and valued. At Cocoa Accounting we value this same homegrown work ethic.


We take owner ship of our work each

and every day.

our history

We started Cocoa Accounting to improve processes in our small businesses and others. Our roots have always been in agriculture. We love to work with the land. This love has been handed down through generations of the Rowley family. However, as our surrounding community continues to develop, much of the farmland in our area is disappearing. Because many of us want to stay in our family farm business, we had to begin to grow our business vertically. It started by creating foods from the agriculture products that we grew later adding retail, entertainment, food service, car washes and most recent software development. We jumped into software development because we were finding that one accounting software couldn’t be the solution for our diverse businesses. One software would work great for our farm, but we found it lacking for retail businesses and vice versa. As we were looking for better solutions, a relative mentioned that he would like to create an accounting software and was looking for a partner. Many nights were spent at our retail store developing and testing this new software solution in the early 2000’s. It was called ReddiBooks. ReddiBooks proved to be an excellent answer. It struggled in the beginning but matured into a perfect solution for growing plants, having a retail store and manufacturing products. It became the software that many of the nurseries in Utah were using and a few food manufacturing companies. Reddibooks added other partners that helped perfect the manufacturing and inventory portions of this software. Reddibooks’ growth became stifled by cancer and the death of one of the principal people involved. It lives on only in a handful of businesses as an unsupported program that continues to provide a great, albeit unsupported, ERP solution to these few remaining, refusing-to-let-go businesses. We are one of those businesses. At Cocoa Accounting we decided it was time to find a new solution to this dying program. We were able to acquire the rights to the code of Reddibooks and have begun to reverse engineer it to build a better more flexible web based solution of this program. We have started by creating some new programs like Cocoa Gift Cards that will enhance our customers’ experiences and Cocoa Inventory that will help multi location businesses track their inventory as a way to dip our toe into this industry. Soon we will begin to rebuild and rebrand this great program into a comprehensive suite called Cocoa Accounting.

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