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  • How do I print new barcodes to place on gift cards?
    Open and login Click on “Create Cards” Enter a prefix and card quantity click “Generate Card Numbers” Download the CSV file Goto Avery design and print software at “Start Your Design” Enter your account or create a new account “Sign In” Pick a label size and “Select this Template” Choose your orientation “Select this Design” In the customize tab select More with the three dots Select QR and Barcodes Click on “Add Barcode or QR Code” Select Spreadsheet or Sequential Number” Step 1 “Import Data” “Browse for File” and select Choose the columns with the gift card number and “Next” Step 2 Select QRCode or Code 128 or Code 39 Code type “Text” Drag and Drop the button with the four arrows to the “Enter barcode text” Select finish Adjust the size of the barcode to best fit the label (Optional) add an image of your logo or other text. “Preview & Print” “Get PDF to Print” Save or Not to Save. That is the question? Haha “Open PDF” Prin
  • How are gift cards redeemed?
    When the customer is ready to pay and you have pressed the pay button. There is a button in the “Other” that is called “Cocoa Gift Cards” Press on it. Enter the card number by scanning with the barcode gun or press “Scan Card” to use the Clover camera to scan the barcode or QR code or type the number in manually. Press the “Redeem” button to redeem the card and go back to the register If the order is less than the amount on the card then it will take the whole order dollar amount out of the card and there will still be a balance on the card. Give the card back to the customer to use at a different date. If the order is more than the amount on the card then it will use all of the money on the card and add a second payment. You will then need to press “Next Payment” and finish the transaction with another payment option.
  • How do I print gift cards through
    Open and login. Click on “Create Cards”. Enter a prefix and card quantity click “Generate Card Numbers”. Download the CSV file. Go to Create an account by going to the user right corner and click on log in. Select the New Customer or for existing customers Sign In. You can select whatever kind of card you would like but we usually do the Gift Card option which is a 30mil plastic card. You can select them from the upper menu. Fill out the info on the right. Quantity Size usually (3.375 x 2.125) Backside print yes you pick full color or black or grayscale or blank Card Finish Artwork (if you have artwork already or for $99 they will create all of your art files for you… you just need to supply a logo and the text you would like and they will put it together) We think this is a good value. When you reprint you will not need to redo the art work. Silk Cards will keep your files. You will just need to supply a new CSV file with new gift card codes. Checkmark barcoding and select either code 128 or QR code. Add to cart. Go to shopping cart and upload your art if you have had someone other than Silk Cards do the artwork Also add the CSV file from to the upload art area. Make sure proof required is set to “yes”. Use promo code HAPPY10 for 10% off of your first order. Checkout. They will contact you with the proof and you just need to make sure the CSV data was received and will be used for the barcoding. Then wait a few weeks for your awesome gift cards to come in the mail.
  • How do you create cards?
    How to create cards Select the “Create Cards” tab Enter an optional prefix (e.g. 1234 or ABCD), and the number of cards you would like to create. Each sheet of cardstock paper will fit 10 cards. Select “Generate Card Numbers” for custom card numbers to be created. You may verify the cards here and choose to download a CSV file or Print cards. Download CSV File A excel file will be downloaded to your computer containing custom generated card numbers. Take this file to your printer to have numbers added to your gift cards. Print Cards Selecting “Print Cards” will take you to our gift card template to create your custom cards. Enter as much information you would like to appear on your cards, you are required to enter at least 2 cells. Preview your card, and resize your logo, then select “Generate PDF”. Using the PDF print your gift cards from home or through a local printer.
  • How do I enable 'Display over other apps' for Cocoa Gift Cards?
    1. Grant Permission: When the permission request popup appears, tap "OK". 2. Activate the Feature: In the permission screen, ensure that the switch is toggled to the "ON" position. 3. Exit Settings: Press the Android back button (triangle-shaped button on the bottom left) to return to the app. Follow these steps to allow Cocoa Gift Cards to display over other apps, ensuring full functionality.
  • Can I put refunds/returns on a gift card?
    Yes! All refunds may be returned to a gift card. The video below shows how to do this:
  • How do you sell a gift card?
    You can sell a gift card from the Cocoa Gift Cards app or you can search for “Cocoa Gift Cards” in the register or in the category Cocoa Gift Cards. When you select it, it will ask you a dollar amount to enter. The register will send you to the Cocoa Gift Cards app and you will then be able to choose either a physical card or a digital card. Physical Cards Enter the card number by scanning with the barcode gun or press “Scan Card” to use the Clover camera to scan the barcode or QR code or type the number in manually. Press “Next” and verify the information. Press “Add to Order” to go back to the register to finish the transaction. Digital Cards The program will automatically create the digital card number. Press “Next” and enter the information of who the card is from and to whom it is being sent to. Press the “Review” to verify the information Press “Add to Order” to go back to the register to finish the transaction.
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